Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Capitals Affair Expanding to New Platforms

Hey everyone, we'll be expanding to new platforms, and one of those platforms is already set. I've created a Facebook page with the blog information in it. I'm sending several of you guys a verification through Facebook to ensure that I am really the writer of this blog. Please click yes so I can become the author of this blog on Facebook.

I'll be setting up a Twitter account, which basically means you can get web, RSS, or text notifications on new blog posts and in-game updates. Make sure to consider signing up for it, you can personalize settings and what not. All you need is a Twitter account which takes seconds to sign up for, and it's free. Take a look at

After that bit of advertising, it's time to talk Caps, and they got their first preseason loss tonight in Philly. I'll be going to the game on Friday where I'll be able to update Twitter for the first time ever! Keep an eye out for it if you want to subscribe. Thanks for your support!

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